Casa Mieres, the home for de bikers


CASA MIERES is not only country inn, but also the headquarters of DEL BONDIO: TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, EVENT, CHRISTOPH DEL BONDIO is one of the most experienced motorcycle tour operators worldwide, traveling with clients and on behalf of the most important companies in the motorcycle industry around the world since 1988.

In CASA MIERES you can find more than 25 rental bikes of all kinds, from the GAS GAS Trial machine over hard enduro bikes (GAS GAS EC 450F, HUSQVARNA TE250, KTM, HONDA, SUZUKI) up to brand new touring bikes from BMW and TRIUMPH.

From CASA MIERES you can find regularly scheduled tours and the popular Enduro training for all levels of driving skills and CASA MIERES is of course one overnight station of the Road Book Tour TRANSPYRENAICA that repeatedly leads every year over the most beautiful paths from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

But even those interested in tours on all continents will find it in MIERES, CHRISTOPH DEL Bondio shares his experience with others and gladly provides tips and recommendations from his rich fund further. We look forward to every visit to CASA MIERES, regardless of a house or tour booking, just come through (after previous call, we travel a lot); Bienvenido a CASA MIERES!


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