CASA MIERES is located in a privileged valley at the foothills of the Pyrenees, only 120km from Barcelona.

MIERES is a small village with little more than 100 inhabitants, which any rush and excitement is foreign. During a walk through the narrow streets you will soon discover that the world here is still in order: the children play in the street, the grandparents sit in the shade with a glass of wine and look at them, the neighbor digs in peace his vegetable garden behind the house ..... the village baker stirs the dough for his widely coveted bread still himself every day, and the reputation of the village pub CAN MET lined up to Barcelona, not least because of the very exceptional quality of its fillets and entrecotes.

MIERES is ideally located in the comarca (county) La Garrotxa, in the province of Girona, just 3Okm from the provincial capital GIRONA. La Garrotxa is widely known for the Nature Park LA ZONA VOLCANICA de LA GARROTXA with the oldest volcanoes of the Iberian Peninsula and the extensive beech forests (a rarity in Spain). Only 13km away is the lake of Banyoles, venue of the Olympic rowing events in 1992 and now a very popular recreation and leisure destination. To  Figueras, home to the world famous DALI MUSEUM is also only 30km. Quite near Mieres, the Rio SER dammed to form a waterfall, the perfect place in high summer, because by the spray of the water, the temperature is always in the ideal range. Who this romantic place is too lonely, finds happiness in the well visited beaches at the COSTA BRAVA.

CASA MIERES in MIERES, the ideal place to get away from the increasingly hectic world for a while and return to some semblance peace in body and mind!